Hip Hop Meets Politics

All eyes are on Nevada_Exclusive Interview with Presidential Candidate Tom Steyer

Episode Summary

All eyes are on NEVADA this week. It's a much more colorful state than New Hampshire and IOWA so it will be interesting to see how the top brass of candidates fair. Co-host Doug Dizzle interviews Presidential candidate TOM STEYER. Host Robert Strawder then fact checks his responses afterwards. How does Tom feel about Criminal Justice reform, Global warming and why we need a new America!

Episode Notes

We dabble into the weeks biggest Hip Hop stories. We shout out Cali big time because the state continues to set trends for the rest of the country. California along with two other states makes it easy for us to where our hair the way we want to culturally. People of color have been discrimination for our hair for YEARS! The CROWN ACT! Yeah! We touch on SNOOP and  the whole Gayle King thing. We love you SNOOP! Tom Steyers reaches out to us to give us how he feels he can make America great, for the future. Robert fact checks Tom after the interview and things get kinda hairy.