Hip Hop Meets Politics

Battle Born For Progress. The Changing of America.

Episode Summary

We are honored to have two beautiful souls who represent Battle Born Progress, a non profit organization dedicated to calling out sucker mc's like crooked politicians and wack *ss laws that keep the hip hop nation from progressing forward in this country. Deja and Carmella stand up for reforming the policies and political structures that degrade our citizens. Let's make a better tomorrow! The Battle is Born!

Episode Notes

How can you beat the odds if you feel like your dreams may never come to reality? Young Hip-Hop nation, listen closely to CHANGE THE GAME, as host Robert Strawder, Jr shares how growing up with nothing can change with hard work and... 

How can emerging Hip Hop artists get a deal better than MICHAEL JACKSON? On this episode of Hip Hop 101, learn about #facts with host Robert Strawder Jr, and MASTER P. Battle Born Progress main game changers Carmella and Deja go into details on how we can change America and talk about the 2020 Progressive Summit January 25-26 at College of Southern Nevada June Whitley Student Lounge. For deets, https://battlebornprogress.actionkit.com/donate/progressive-summit-2020-registration/   or call 1-702-900-3665