Hip Hop Meets Politics

Becoming Financially LIT!

Episode Summary

Money, money, money. Powerful. But how do you control it? Does the Hip Hop culture spend money just on diamonds, fancy cars, and gold rope chains? If you believe that, you have another thing coming! Special guest and financial guru Robbie Thomas grabs the mic this episode. He is a transformation leader who revolutionized the banking game. My brother is bananas, and he's about to put you up on some major game.

Episode Notes

This episode host Robert Strawder jr., talks about  negative female stereotypes in Hip Hop. He quotes Dr. West of Washington University's article about the 5 PERSONAS OF HIP-HOP. It's powerful. Time to change the narrative my peeps. Co-host Dougie Styles talks about the powerful PRESIDENT'S CABINET. And we go IN on Global warming. See how it all comes together on this episode of Hip Hop Meets Politics #8.