Hip Hop Meets Politics

Blacks For Trump!

Episode Summary

Let's face it. We live in a black and white world. Sort of...Kinda...Well, African-Americans are known for a disdain for the orange-haired POTUS. Let's face it, AA not only didn't show up for the Presidential election in 2016 but about 8 percent of AA's voted for Trump. What will the vote look like this time around. And why should Blacks vote for The DONALD? Find out on this episode of HHMP. Out special guest is PROTOCOL, VP of B&B Demolition & Contractors, among other businesses. On the community level, PROTOCOL is the manager for UNITY IN THE COMMUNITY, Legislative counselor for Georgia House of Representative member and well, I could name more, but I get tired just looking at it. This guy is busy and will definitely be a future leader of this great country of ours. And oh yeah, he loves TRUMP! Don't miss the exciting wordplay.

Episode Notes

The HIP HOP NATION has a PTSD problem. Mental Health is real and hip hop does not really like to look into that mirror. But it's real. And it's costing lives in our community everyday. Robert talks about this serious heath emergency. Co-host Doug Dizzle calls out the private prison industry and puts Washington on BLAST!

We speak with PROTOCOL, a political activist who swears President Trump is the second coming Jesus. Seriously, He loves this man, and we'll find out why.

Lastly, host Robert Strawder shares a STRAW STORY about his bouts in the past with crooked janky promoters and how to handle them if you get stiffed. Well, sort of. We don't condone violence but its your choice! The stories are hilarious! Don't forget to follow the discussion on TWITTER,IG, FB and all social media outlets under HIP HOP MEETS POLITICS.