Hip Hop Meets Politics

Cory Booker talks Hip Hop & Politics

Episode Summary

This debut podcast features an exclusive interview with Presidential candidate Cory Booker, the ABC's of becoming a local political change-maker, the “ABC’s” of the “360” Record label deal for artists, as well as Host Robert Strawder, aka,“The Vegas Don’s,” real life rags to riches turnaround. Don't miss the podcast!

Episode Notes

Newark, NJ's star Senator Cory Booker speak to HIP HOP MEETS POLITICS and shares his views about issues that hit home to the hip hop nation, and our country.

Also on our debut episode, find out why Robert Strawder, Jr is the next political BIG DEAL of our generation. His " from the streets to congress" story is part of the fabric of America. The United States of America. Listen to his story on our debut episode of HIP HOP MEETS POLITICS.