Hip Hop Meets Politics

The Black Feminist Agenda 2020 with Asha Grant

Episode Summary

She graduated from historic HBCU Spelman College and Ivy League Columbia University in less than four years. Yep, She's a beast and she's tearing sucker M'C.s out the frame in this weeks' episode of HHMP. Black women are taking over the world so just deal with it. How can we dismantle sexism today? What we gotta do??? And will a woman become President in 2020?

Episode Notes

America has issues with black men. We take a look into the latest stab at Michael Vick. We talk about the passing of hip hop artist Juice WRLD and go into the most infamous deaths in Hip Hop. Robert talks about how Pastors shot him blanks when he was struggling.  Yep, he's giving game to the youth who have no guidance. Trust, if you keep rocking out to the podcast, you WILL mos def have GAME!