Hip Hop Meets Politics

The Ex-Felon Can Swing The 2020 Vote

Episode Summary

Hakim Green, Hip-Hop innovator of the legendary rap group CHANNEL LIVE with KRS-ONE continues grazing the grass roots of accountability when it comes to the injustices of the 99. He also has notable solutions to fight the power, and that's through policy and yes, politics. Here how he helped ex-felons gain the right to cast a vote. The ex-felon vote could be the deciding factor as to which swing state turns RED or BLUE in the 2020 election.

Episode Notes

Hip-Hop "beefs" have been going on since the beginning of hip-hop times. Today's beefs sometime turn deadly. Host Robert Strawder goes deep into the this subject. Find out why these beefs need to stay in the streets not, six feet deep. 

Racial profiling is more than being pulled over by a police officer just because you are not white. Co-host Doug Dizzle goes how an African American woman is suing a major banking company for racial profiling. We'll dive into the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and how it is still just as relevant today as it was 250 years ago. 

Brother Hakim Green of the rap group CHANNEL LIVE channels progreesion through his organization 24 hours of HOPE. Don't miss it fam.