Hip Hop Meets Politics

The League Of Women Voters Go Hard for HIP HOP

Episode Summary

The League of Women Voters is not just a group of women encouraging other women to vote. Nope. This organization is powerhouse organization that leaves no room for doubt that CHANGE is what they are all about. And change for a better country, a better you and me. This week’s episode highlights Sondra Cosgrove, President of League of Women Voters/Nevada. She IS a big deal. Listen to find out why.

Episode Notes

Show host Robert Strawder, Jr. kicks the real when it comes to racial profiling and rap stars that lost it all. Show co-host Doug Dizzle jumps on an interesting topic of politics vs economics. 

And our special guest Sondra Cosgrove gives truly insightful details on how the League of Women Voters organization began, its original mission and how that mission has erupted into a political giant for the hard fight for good and decency in this country.