Hip Hop Meets Politics

The Politics of Weed

Episode Summary

Will Marijuana ever become federally legal? Learn the answer and more with our special guest Madisen Saglibene, Executive Director of Las Vegas Nevada NORML. In Hip Hop News, STRAW gives the REAL about 360 deals and we'll talk about California's new law that holds police more accountable for their actions. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @hiphopmeetspolitics. Email any questions to: hiphopmeetspolitics@gmail.com

Episode Notes

Believe it or not, Marijuana is about to be woven into the fabric of America. And in more ways that just puffing a blunt, dabbing or eating an edible laced with THC. NORML Las Vegas Executive DIrector Madisen Saglibene thinks CANNABIS could save the planet!  

This power player in the POT world fought and won for Nevada to become the first state to bar employers from descriminating against cannabis users. Check out her progressive opinions and political strategies to legalize weed by 2020!

NORML has been advocating for  cannabis reform since 1970. Now in 2019, Las Vegas Executive Director Madisen Sagilene talks about how she fought for Nevada to be the first state in the country to take POT off the employment