Hip Hop Meets Politics

The Special Politics of the Music Business

Episode Summary

The INSIDE game of the Hip-Hop/R&B music industry is pretty heavy stuff. Most people have no ideas how the workings goes down. Does the Hip-Hop Nation truly have control of what is said on a rap song compared to what you hear on the radio? What's the difference between Lil Baby, Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar? Hear it from the perspective of Paul Porter, 40 year music industry veteran, author of the book BLACKOUT (Booklocker.com). Pay to Play, Hip Hop losing control, the business of Licensing and soooo much more. This podcast is a MUST for anyone who really wants to learn about the music industry 2.0.

Episode Notes

Is Hip-Hop destroying America? Bold question but Music Veteran Paul Porter breaks down the goods, the "bads" and the "uglies" of the music business. Music industry PIMPIN' and how you can avoid getting caught out there, literally. You gotta get this game no matter how old you are. Can  Hip-Hop regain control of content? Whew, amazing podcast. Follow us on IG, FB, and Twitter. Jewels are dropped fam!