Hip Hop Meets Politics

THE TAKEOVER! Young Politicians take over America!

Episode Summary

The HIP-HOP Nation is getting into politics more now than ever before. This show, we feature two outstanding young men in their 20's who are dedicating their lives for the next America. Jovan Jackson, is running for City Council in North Las Vegas. Jonathan Esteban, 24, is running for U.S. Congress Nevada District 4. Whoa!! Here their perspectives about how we can make America THE GREATEST!

Episode Notes

Kobe Bryant and 2Pac have more in common than you would ever imagine. Find out the skinny on this week's HIP HOP 101. Evanston, Ill is the first city to give African-American residents REPARATIONS! Find out on our feature CHANGE THE GAME. Presidential candidate PETE BUTTIGIEG is really making some noise and in our opinion, will be a key contender in the race and can change the trajectory of the race. Find out his BLACK AGENDA on the show. That and more coming up! Like us on INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK & TWITTER!