Hip Hop Meets Politics

The Thanksgiving Show - We The People

Episode Summary

Happy holidays to all and this is our first Thanksgiving Show! Hip-Hop, Turkey and politics. Should be an interesting mix of dialogue as we breakdown the myth of THANKSGIVING. Whoa. Eye opener. We also discuss the Declaration of Independence with DJ Pro2kall, VP of B&B Demolition & Contractors, among other businesses. On the community level, PROTOCOL is the manager for UNITY IN THE COMMUNITY, Legislative counselor for Georgia House of Representative member. Enjoy the cold weather, family, turkey and another DOPE HHMP Podcast!

Episode Notes

We hit a few trending stories this week as we dive into the whole Colin Kapernick/Jay-Z/Steven Smith/Terrell Owens thing. Geez. It's going to get deep on this one. Also host Robert Strawder, Jr shares some of his wild, crazy and zany stories about TOURING and how artists in the HIP HOP world end up getting jewelry, cars, etc stolen while out on the road. Politics 101 with Doug Dizzle is combustible as he dispels the hidden truths behind THANKSGIVING and how it REALLY all came about. Lastly, were people of color, women and poor whites included in WE THE PEOPLE when the forefathers of this country wrote our DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE. Trust me, this fight will be more exciting than a DEONTAY WILDER fight.