Hip Hop Meets Politics

This Week In Hip-Hop Episode 19: Guest Music Business Veteran Rich Footy Hangs Out

Episode Summary

Hip-Hop is in the news this week as another up and coming rapper dies. We speak on the celebration of Kobe, Jay Z fighting for prison reform and Kanye West. Would you vote for Yeezy in 2024 and is he building a stronger ARMY of voters? And Music Vet and super cool broski RICH FOOTY hangs out and talks about the days he was STOPPED and FRISKED. Trust, it's going down this week on #hhmp

Episode Notes

This show we kick the biggest stories affecting the hip hop community. So, get ready as we spar up and talk politics. Who is REALLY showing out for the hip hop nation? And who are the new leaders? You might be surprised who! Can we ratify the 13th amendment to get rid of involuntary slavery? Host Robert Strawder speaks on transforming hood thoughts to healthy thoughts. Who is really forcing the hand of hip-hop? Is the corporate beast THAT busy? Trust, fam the knowledge is being SPIT, on this episode of #HHMP. Facts.