Hip Hop Meets Politics

What are we fighting for? Hip Hop Meets Politics The 2020 Agenda

Episode Summary

It is the first show of 2020! We start off the new year with a new show that outlines the political agenda of the Hip-Hop Nation. Dr Umar Johnson recently kicked about 5 issues we should be asking our candidates running for office. How should the Hip-Hop Nation change the narrative of what we rap about on the daily? Find out how we can control our community without help from the government. However, America can change a few things as well. We go "IN" on this podcast. Epic.

Episode Notes

Who are the new leaders of the Hip Hop Nation? What will it take for young black males in socio-economically disparaging backgrounds to come up in this new era?  Show host Robert Strawder gives his tips to get out of the jungle. This is one super deep show. Put your thinking caps on and follow the topic on TWITTER, IG and FB. #hiphopmeetspolitics